CDF Talks from 2008

Valencia, Spain
11-16 December 2008

  • Review of CP violation studies at Tevatron (pdf) Juan Pablo Fernandez
  • Searches for Higgs at Tevatron (pdf) Bruno Casal

    LBNL Seminar
    11 December 2008

  • Searches for Sumersimmetry (ppt) Dave Toback

    SLAC Seminar
    18 November 2008

  • Exotics Searches at CDF (pdf) Aron Soha

    VI Quarkonium Workshop
    Nara, Japan
    2-5 December 2008

  • Quarkonium Spectroscopy and Decay results from CDF (pdf) Thomas Kuhr
  • Quarkonium Production results from CDF (pdf) Alberto Annov i

    Brookhaven Forum2008 "Terra Incognita, from L HC to Cosmology"
    6-8 November 2008

  • Hints for New Physics in Bs studies at the Tevatron (pdf) Jan Morlock

    CERN EPP Seminar
    18 November 2008

  • Top Physics and Higgs searches in fully hadronic (pdf) Fabrizio Margaroli

    PANIC 2008
    Eliat, Israel
    9-14 November 2008

  • Top Quark Mass Measurements from CDF (pdf) Ford Garberson
  • Searches for New Physics hidden in the Top Quark Sector f rom CDF (pdf) Andrei Loginov
  • Search for Chargino/Neutralino production with trileptons at CDF (pdf) Julian Glatzer
  • Searches for resonances with leptons at CDF (ppt) Anadi Canepa
  • Searches using photons and/or jets at CDF (ppt) David Toback

    Multiple Partonic Interactions a t the LHC (MPI2008)
    Perugia, Italy
    27-31 October 2008

  • The Study of the Minimum Bias events (pdf) Niccolo' Moggi
  • The Study of the Underlying Event (ppt) Rick Field

    Physics at the LHC
    Split, Croacia
    September 29 - October 3 2008

  • Tevatron SUSY+BSM Results (ppt) Dave Toback
  • Tevatron top physics (pdf) Jeannine Wagner
  • B Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) Karen Gibson
  • Bs Physics at CDF (ppt) Gavril Girgiu
  • Low mass Higgs at CDF (ppt) Andy Metha

    ISMD 2008
    16-20 September 2008

  • Hard Diffraction at the Tevatron (pdf) Ken Hatakeyama
  • Central Exclusive Production (ppt) Mike Albrow
  • Multiplicities and Underlying Event (pdf) Deepak Kar
  • PDF constrains from the Tevatron (pdf) Mark Lancaster
  • Higgs searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Aart Heijboier

    Diffraction 2008
    La Londe-les-Maures, France
    9-14 September 2008

  • Recent Results and Perspectives on Forward Physics at CDF (pdf) Dino Goulianos
  • Exclusive Dileptons and Diphotons at CDF (ppt) Mike Albrow

    CKM 2008
    Rome, Italy
    9-13 September 2008

  • Charmless hadronic two-body B decays (ppt) Guido Volpi
  • Searches for B->mum+mu- (pdf) Bob Harr
  • D-Dbar mixing/CP violations from colliders (pdf) Simone Donati
  • phi_s from CDF (ppt) Diego Tonelli

    CERN EP Seminar
    8 September 2008

  • Higgs Searches at CDF (pdf) Ben Kilminster

    Beyond the 3SM generation at the LHC era
    4-5 September 2008

  • sin2beta_s status/prospects (ppt) Juan Pablo Fernandez
  • Searches for t' (ppt) Alison Lister

    ICHEP 08
    Philadelphia, PA
    29 July - 5 Aug 2008

  • Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (plenary) (ppt) Matt Herndon
  • Properties of Heavy B hadrons (plenary) (pdf) Manfred Paulini
  • Low mass SM Higgs at the Tevatron (ppt)  Bernd Stelzer
  • Beyond the Standard Model neutral Higgs searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Nils Krumnack
  • Top cross-section (pdf) Alison Lister
  • Top quark mass in dilepton and alljets decays (pdf) Bo Jayatilaka
  • Top quark properties (pdf) Andrew Ivanov
  • Single top (ppt) Tom Junk
  • High-mass resonances decaying to leptons and photons at the Tevatron (pdf) Oliver Stelzer-Chilton
  • Searches for new Physics at CDF (pdf) Max Goncharov
  • General searches for new Physics (pdf) Aron Soha
  • SUSY Searches with Jets at CDF (ppt) Monica D'Onofrio
  • SUSY Searches with Leptons at CDF (pdf) Sunil Somalwar
  • EWK Cross Sections and Widths (pdf) Aidan Robson
  • Diboson Production and Couplings (pdf) Susan Burke
  • Diffractive and Exclusive Production at the Tevatron (pdf) Mary Convery
  • Heavy quark production at the Tevatron (pdf) Sally Seidel
  • Vector boson + heavy flavor jets production at the Tevatron (pdf) Ken Hatakeyama
  • Measurements of B hadron lifetimes at CDF (pdf) Satyajit Behari
  • Rare decays at CDF (pptx) Robert Harr
  • Charmless B hadron decays at CDF (pdf) Michael Morello
  • Measurement of CP Observables in B+ -> D0 K+ Decays at CDF (pptx) Karen Gibson
  • CP violation in Bs decays at CDF (ppt) Diego Tonelli
  • Bs mixing and Lifetime Difference at CDF (ppt) Sinead Farrington

    QCD 08
    Montpellier, France
    7-12 July 2008

  • Top quark properties from the Tevatron (ppt) Charles Plager
  • W/Z +jets and W/Z + HF production at Tevatron (pdf) Oriol Salto

    Low x Workshop 2008
    Crete, Greece
    6-10 July 2008

  • Jets in CDF (pdf) Mario Campanelli

    Workshop on the origins of P, CP and T violation
    Trieste, Italy
    2-5 July 2008

  • Flavor mixing and CP violation at the Tevatron (pdf) Marco Rescigno

    CERN Seminar
    1 July 2008

  • How charming is the Truth: A search for Top Flavor Changing Neutral Currents t -> Zc (pdf) Charles Plager

    HSQCD 2008
    Gatchina, Russia
    30 June - 4 July 2008

  • Top quark studies at the Tevatron (pdf) Igor Volobuev
  • BSM Physics searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Igor Gorelov

    XXVIII Physics In Collision
    Perugia, Italy
    25-28 June 2008

  • Top quark properties (pdf) Mousumi Datta
  • Higgs searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Anyes Taffard
  • Heavy B hadrons (pdf) Stefano Giagu

    BEACH 2008
    University of South Carolina
    22-28 June 2008

  • Heavy Flavour Physics at CDF (pdf) Gavril Giurgiu

    CERN Seminar
    17 June 2008

  • Searches for Chargino-Neutralino Associated Production in Trilepton Events at CDF (pdf) Giulia Manca

    Seoul, South Korea
    16-21 June 2008

  • SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) Chris Hays
  • Search for Charged Higgs in Top Quark Decays at CDF (pdf) Geumbong Yu
  • Searches for Squarks and Gluinos at the Tevatron (pdf) Song Ming Wang
  • SUSY search with trileptons (pdf) Sourabh Dube
  • Global Search for New Physics at CDF (pdf) Si Xie

    Second Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics
    Capri, Italy
    16-18 June 2008

  • B Physics at CDF (pdf) Vaia Papadimitriou

    Heavy Quarks and Leptons
    Melbourne, Australia
    5-9 June 2008

  • Top production and properties (pdf) Un-Ki Yang
  • CPV in the Bs system (pdf) Joe Boudreau
  • B states at the Tevatron (pdf) Manfred Paulini

    Fermilab Users Meeting 2008
    Fermilab, IL
    4-5 June 2008

  • Tevatron QCD, Electroweak and Standard Model Higgs physics (pdf) Oscar Gonzalez
  • Tevatron flavor physics (pdf) Giovanni Punzi

    BNL Seminar
    29 May 2008

  • Search for Supersymmetry at CDF using Trileptons (pdf) Sourabh Dube

    Hadron Collider Physics
    Galena, IL
    27-31 May 2008

  • Top Quark Mass and Cross Section Results (pdf) Ford Garberson
  • Top quark properties (ppt) Catalin Ciobanu
  • Experimental studies of W/Z+jets, and W/Z+heavy flavor (pdf) Chris Neu
  • W/Z Properties at the Tevatron (ppt) Emily Nurse
  • W Mass Measurement at the Tevatron (pdf) Ilija Bizjak
  • B-hadron properties (pdf) Mark Hartz
  • Other BSM searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Shin Shan Yu
  • Low mass SM Higgs search at the Tevatron (pdf) Richard Hughes

    Flavour as a Window to New Physics at the LHC
    27 May 2008

  • Bs as a window to New Physics: Tevatron measurements (pdf) Marco Rescigno

    Interconnection between Particle Phyics and Cosmology
    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
    19-23 May 2008

  • Latest results from CDF (pdf) Tommaso Dorigo

    TOP 2008
    Elba, Italy
    18-24 May 2008

  • Measurements of ttbar cross section at CDF (pdf) Andrea Castro
  • Measurements of the top mass at CDF (pdf) Nick van Remortel
  • Measurements of single top at CDF (pdf) Jan Lueck
  • Measurement of top properties at CDF (pdf) Shabnaz Pashapour
  • Top BSM at CDF (pdf) Veronica Sorin
  • Tools for top physics at CDF (pdf) Enrique Palencia

    FPCP 2008
    Taipei, Taiwan
    5-9 May 2008

  • Hot Topics at CDF (pdf) Simone Donati
  • B_s/b-baryon decays (pdf) Andreas Warburton
  • Direct CP violation in B decays (pdf) Michael Kreps
  • Lifetimes and mixing (ppt) Chunlei Liu

    SLAC Seminar
    29 April 2008

  • SUSY Searches in Trilepton events at CDF (pdf) Melisa Rossi

    PHENO 2008 Symposium
    Madison, WI
    28-30 April 2008

  • New Physics Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Simona Rolli

    BNL Seminar
    24 April 2008

  • CP Violation in Bs Decays (pdf) Juan Pablo Fernandez

    Workshop on High energy photon collisions at the LHC
    22-25 April 2008

  • CDF Results on exclusive final states (ppt) Jim Pinfold

    CERN Seminar
    22 April 2008

  • Single Top-Quark Production at CDF (pdf) Jeannine Wagner-Kuhr

    APS April Meeting
    St Louis, MO
    11-15 April 2008

  • Standard Model Signals and New Physics Constraints (pdf) Erik Brubaker
  • Searching for the Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) Brian Winer

    DIS 2008
    University College London, England
    7-11 April 2008

  • PDF constraints from CDF (pdf) Sarah Malik
  • Photon plus jets results (pdf) Mario Campanelli
  • Jet physics and underlying event studies (pdf) Andy Mehta
  • Diffractive results (pdf) James Pinfold
  • Diffractive W/Z and exclusive dijet production at CDF (pdf) Dino Goulianos
  • Beauty production at CDF (pdf) Tara Shears
  • Measurement of the W Charge Asymmetry (pdf) Kevin McFarland
  • Signature-Based Searches (pdf) Andy Hocker
  • Measurements of Heavy Boson Pair Production (pdf) David Waters
  • Search for Chargino+Neutralino Production (pdf) Maxwell Chertok
  • Searches for Leptoquarks (pdf) Pierre Hughes Beachemin
  • Searches for LED (pdf) Vyacheslav Krutelyov
  • Top Mass Measurements (pdf) Petteri Mehtšlš
  • Searches in Top Decays (pdf) Junji Naganoma
  • Searches for Standard Model Higgs at High Mass (pdf) Dean Hidas
  • Measurement of Single Top Production (pdf) Dominic Hirschbuehl

    DESY Seminar
    1 April 2008

  • B Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) Joe Boudreau

    SLAC Seminar
    25 March 2008

  • Global Search for New Physics at CDF (pdf) Georgios Choudalakis

    CERN Seminar
    18 March 2008

  • Measurement of Bs mixing parameters (pdf) Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos

    LBL Seminar
    18 March 2008

  • CP Violation at CDF (pdf)  Petar Maksimovic

    CERN Workshop on Monte Carlo Tools for Beyond Standard Model Physics
    10-11 March 2008

  • Searches for BSM Physics at CDF (pdf) Monica D'Onofrio

    Les Rencontres de Moriond 2008: QCD and High Energy Interactions
    La Thuile, Italy
    8-15 March 2008

  • SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) John Strologas
  • Topology-based Global Searches (Vista-Sleuth) at the Tevatron (pdf) Conor Henderson
  • Searches for Non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron (ppt) Tom Wright
  • Top Quark Production Cross Section at Tevatron (pdf) Giorgio Cortiana
  • Measurements of Top Quark Properties at Tevatron (ppt) Ricardo Eusebi
  • W/Z+Jets and W/Z+HF Production at the Tevatron (ppt) Chris Neu
  • Di-Boson Production Cross Section at Tevatron (pdf) Elliot Lipeles
  • Beauty and Charm Production Cross Section Measurements at Tevatron (pdf) Jennifer Pursley
  • Measurements of Rare B Decays at Tevatron (pdf) Thomas Kuhr

    Les Rencontres de Moriond 2008: Electroweak Interactions And Unified Theories
    La Thuile, Italy
    1-8 March 2008

  • Search for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (Low Mass) (pdf) Kohei Yorita
  • Top mass and properties (pdf)  Yen Chu Chen
  • Searches for new physics in Lepton final states (pdf) Sourabh Dube
  • B Mixing and DeltaGamma_s, CP violation (pdf) Gian Piero Di Giovanni
  • W and Z production: Asymmetries, pT(Z), W+charm (pdf) Jiyeon Han

    Rencontres de Physique de La Vallee d'Aoste
    La Thuile, Italy
    24 February - 1 March 2008

  • QCD Studies at the Tevatron (pdf) Craig Group
  • B States at the Tevatron (ppt) Matthew Jones
  • Top Mass at the Tevatron (pdf) Jahred Adelman
  • Single Top Quark Physics (pdf) Peter Dong
  • SM Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Daniel Whiteson
  • Non-SUSY Exotics Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Sasha Pronko

    ECT Workshop on Parton Fragmentation Process
    Trento, Italy
    25-29 February 2008

  • Studies of Jet Fragmentation at CDF (pdf, ppt) Sasha Pronko

    SLAC Seminar
    21 February 2008

  • Search for Large CP Violation in Bs Decays (pdf) Khaldoun Makhoul

    CERN Seminar
    19 February 2008

  • Top Quark Physics at CDF (pdf) Veronique Boisvert

    Lake Louise Winter Institute 2008
    Alberta, Canada
    18-23 February 2008

  • Higgs Searches at CDF (pdf) Cristobal Cuenca Almenar
  • Top Physics at CDF (pdf) Tom Schwarz
  • B_s Physics at CDF (pdf) Chunlei Liu
  • Jet Physics at CDF (pdf) Rob Snihur
  • Diboson Measurements at CDF (pdf) Tom Phillips
  • Searches for physics BSM at CDF (pdf) Gianluca De Lorenzo

    BNL Seminar
    14 February 2008

  • Global Search for New High-Pt Physics at CDF (pdf) Ray Culbertson

    IMFP 2008 - XXXVI International Meeting on Fundamental Physics
    Baeza, Spain
    4-8 February 2008

  • Tevatron Jet Physics (ppt) Rick Field
  • Bosons, Top and Higgs (ppt) Rick Field

    Aspen 2008 Winter Conference ("Revealing the Nature of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking")
    Aspen, Colorado
    13-19 January 2008

  • B-physics at the Tevatron (pdf, ppt) Gavril Giurgiu
  • New Phenomena Searches at the Tevatron with Leptons (pdf) Anadi Canepa
  • Top properties (pdf) Eva Halkiadakis
  • Light Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) Wei-Ming Yao
  • BSM Higgs at the Tevatron (ppt) Anton Anastassov

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