Talks from 2010

Discrete 2010
6-11 December 2010

  • Status and prospects for B physics and discrete symmetries at Tevatron (pdf) Kevin Pitts
  • New measurement of the B0_s mixing phase and observation of suppressed Bs decays at CDF (pdf) Louise Oakes
  • First ADS analysis of B^+ --> D0 K decays in hadron collisions (pdf) Paola Garosi
  • Precision measurements of direct CP violation in D0-->pipi at CDF (pdf) Fabrizio Ruffini

    Standard Model Benchmarks at the Tevatron and LHC
    19-20 November 2010

  • Heavy Flavor and Quarkonia Studies at the Tevatron (pdf) Matthew Jones
  • Inclusive Photons at the Tevatron (pdf) Costas Vellidis

    Charm 2010
    21-24 October 2010

  • Results on charm baryon spectroscopy from Tevatron (pdf) Felix Wick
  • D0 mixing and CP violation from Tevatron (pdf) Michael Morello

    Heavy Quarks and Leptons
    INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
    11-15 October 2010

  • Results on B and C decays at CDF (ppt) Sinead Farrington
  • Spectroscopy results from Tevatron (pdf) Diego Tonelli
  • Suppressed B decays at CDF (ppt) Marco Rescigno
  • Top Physics at CDF (pdf) Sandra Leone
  • CPV in D0-> pipi and D0-antiD0 mixing at CDF (pdf) Angelo Di Canto
  • B0_s mixing phase at CDF (pdf) Elisa Pueschel

    LHC Days in Split
    Split, Croatia
    4-9 October 2010

  • Top physics at Tevatron (pdf) Tommaso Dorigo
  • Higgs Tevatron overview (pdf) Mark Neubauer

    ISMD 2010
    University of Antwerp , Belgium
    21-25 September 2010

  • Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) Alexei Safonov

    EP Seminar CERN
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
    September 21, 2010

  • Measurement of CP Violation in Bs --> J/psi phi Decays at CDF (pdf) Michael Kreps

    SUSY 2010
    Bonn, Germany
    23-28 August 2010

  • Searches for New Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) John Strologas
  • A combined talk on Searches in Same-Charge Dilepton Events at CDF and Searches for Supersymmetry Using the Trilepton Signature at CDF (pdf) Maxwell Chertok
  • Searches for Squarks and Gluinos in Jets and Missing Energy Final States at CDF (pdf) Gianluca de Lorenzo
  • Flavour physics measurements at CDF and physics beyond SM (pdf) Martin Heck
  • Talk on Top Physics (pdf) Tom Schwarz

    HCP 2010
    Toronto, Canada
    23-27 August 2010

  • Status of Tevatron (pdf) Simona Rolli
  • QCD (W/Z + jets, etc.) (pdf) Mario Martinez
  • B spectroscopy and lifetimes (pdf) Satyajit Behari
  • W/Z properties (ppt) Rainer Wallny
  • Top properties (pdf) Tom Schwartz
  • Low mass Higgs limits (pdf) Justin Keung
  • BSM limits/searches in CDF (pdf) Ray Culbertson

    Higgs Hunting Workshop
    Orsay, France
    July 29-31 2010

  • Low Mass Tevatron (primary channels) (pdf) Richard Hughes
  • cdf SM benchmarks processes (pdf) Fabrizio Margaroli
  • BSM Higgs Tevatron (pdf) Un-Ki Yang

    ICHEP 2010
    Paris, France
    22 to 28 July 2010

  • Di-boson production and limits on triple gauge boson couplings (pdf) Thomas Phillips
  • Suppressed Decays of Bs Mesons (pdf) Olga Norniella
  • SM high mass Higgs searches at CDF (pdf) Donatella Lucchesi
  • Higgs Searches (Tevatron) (pdf) Ben Kilminster
  • SM low mass Higgs searches at CDF (pdf) Yoshikazu Nagai
  • IT4 Top quark pair production (pdf) Fabrizio Margaroli
  • New measurement of b-hadron lifetimes at CDF (pdf) Juan Pablo Fernandez
  • New results on bottom baryons with the CDF II detector (pdf) Igor Gorelov
  • New measurement of the B0_s mixing phase at CDF (pdf) Gavril Giurgiu

    PASCOS 2010
    Valencia, Spain

  • Tevatron highlights and prospects (pdf) Vadim Rusu
  • EWK/Top Physics at the Tevatron: status and prospects (pdf) Lucio Cerrito
  • SUSY searches at the Tevatron: status and prospects (pdf) Jared Yamaoka

    22nd Rencontres de Blois
    Ch√Ęteau Royal de Blois
    15th - 20th July, 2010

  • Top Quark Properties and Search for Anomalous Couplings (pdf) Nathan Goldschmidt
  • MSSM Higgs Boson Searches (pdf) Cristobal Cuenca
  • Non-SUSY Searches (pdf) Eva Halkiadakis
  • Recent B Physics Results CDF (pdf) Karen Gibson

    IPPC 2010
    Torino, Italy
    12-16 July 2010

  • Physics Results on New Physics Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Simona Rolli

    Third Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics
    Capri, Italy
    July 5-7 2010

  • B Physics at CDF (pdf) Diego Tonelli

    XXV QCD Workshop
    Montpellier, France
    28th June - 3rd July 2010

  • Higgs searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Paolo Mastrandrea
  • B spectroscopy at the Tevatron (pdf) Sandro De Cecco
  • CP parameters of the B-systems from the Tevatron (pdf) Joe Boudreau

    ISVHECRI 2010
    28 June 2010 to 02 July 2010

  • Relevant Data and Results on High energy Interactions from the Tevatron (ppt) Mary Convery

    BEACH 2010
    Perugia, Italy
    21-26 June 2010

  • Search for non-standard model physics in rare decays at the Tevatron (pdf) Guido Volpi
  • New measurement of the Bs mixing phase at the Tevatron (pdf) Franco Bedeschi
  • Heavy Flavor Properties at CDF (pdf) Sandro De Cecco

    QCD 2010
    Martina Franca, Italy
    20-23 June 2010

  • Heavy Hadron Spectroscopy at CDF (pdf) Juan Pablo Fernandez

    Physics at The LHC 2010
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
    7-12 June 2010

  • Top Physics at CDF (pdf) Julia Thom

    Top 2010
    30 May 2010 to 04 June 2010

  • Experimental Status and Perspectives (TEV wide) (pdf) Robin Erbacher
  • New physics in top (TEV wide) (pdf) Pekka Sinervo
  • Observation and study of single-top quarks with CDF (pdf) Jan Lueck
  • Measurements of top quark properties with CDF (pdf) Mousumi Datta

    PLANCK 2010, XII Meeting on Physics BSM
    31 May 2010 to 04 June 2010

  • CDF Results and Perspectives (pdf) Daniel Whiteson

    Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2010
    Torino, Italy
    May 25-29, 2010

  • Y(nS) polarization (Tev Wide) (pdf) Jonathan Lewis
  • sin (2beta_s) at CDF (pdf) Louise Oakes
  • baryons, lifetimes (Tev Wide) (pdf) Simone Donati
  • Bs decays (Tev Wide) (pdf) Gavril Giurgiu

    International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium
    18-21 May 2010

  • Bottomonium polarization at CDF (pdf) James Russ
  • Quarkonium spectroscopy results at CDF (pdf) Kai Yi

    PHENO 2010
    10-12 May 2010

  • Searches for New Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) Simona Rolli

    DIS 2010
    Florence, Italy

  • Minimum Bias and Underlying Event Studies at CDF (pdf) Niccolo Moggi
  • Measurement of W+charm production cross section at CDF (pdf) Shulamit Moed
  • Measurement of the top quark mass at CDF (pdf) Jahred Adelman
  • Latest highlights from CDF (pdf) Massimo Casarsa
  • Measurement of the top quark cross section at CDF (pdf) Gabriele Compostella
  • Beyond the SM Higgs at Tevatron (pdf) Chris Hays
  • New physics in top sector at Tevatron (pdf) Ford Garberson
  • W and Z boson properties at Tevatron (pdf) Giorgio Chiarelli

    Moriond QCD
    La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
    March 13th - 20th, 2010

  • SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Gianluca de Lorenzo
  • Searches for Low-Mass SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) Shalhout Zaki Shalhout
  • Combinations of Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) Weiming Yao
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements (pdf) Hyun Su Lee
  • Measurements of Top Quark Properties. (pdf) Veronica Sorin
  • Searches for New Physics in Top Events (pdf) Nathan Goldschmidt
  • W/Z+Jets and W/Z+HF Production at the Tevatron (pdf) Sebastian Grinstein
  • Di-Boson Production Cross Section at Ecm=2TeV (pdf) Vadim Rusu
  • Measurements of the Masses, Lifetimes and Deacay Modes of Hadrons (pdf) Mirco Dorigo
  • CP Violation in B Hadrons (pdf) Louise Oakes

    Moriond EWK
    La Thuile, Aosta valley
    March 6-13

  • W mass and width, and W and Z production properties (ppt) Marco Rescigno
  • High Mass (ppt) Rick St Denis
  • BSM Higgs (pdf) Miguel Vidal
  • top production (ttbar and single top) (pdf) Alison Lister
  • search for new physics in signatures involving photons and/orjets (pdf) Ben Brau
  • FCNC (in b- and c-), lifetimes, rare decays, etc (pdf) Sneha Malde

    La Thuile 2010
    La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
    Feb28-March 6, 2010

  • QCD Studies (pdf) Simona Rolli
  • Heavy Flavour Spectroscopy (pdf) Kai Yi
  • Top properties (including top mass) (pdf) Gabriele Compostella
  • Electroweak measurements (including dibosons) (pdf) Pierluigi Catastini
  • Search for low mass Higgs (pdf) Song Ming Wang

    APS 2010
    Washington, DC
    February 13-16, 2010

  • Highlights and recent Results from the Tevatron (pdf) Robert Roser

    Diffractive and Electromagnetic Processes at The LHC
    January 4-8 2010

  • Diffractive Physics at CDF (pdf) Michele Gallinaro

    Aspen Particle Physics 2010
    Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, Colorado
    17-23 January 2010

  • Top Mass (pdf) Lina Galtieri
  • Low Mass Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) Bo Jayatilaka
  • Search for New Physics in the Top Sample (pdf) Andrew Ivanov
  • Searches for New Physics at the CDF (pdf) Monica D'onofrio
  • QCD Physics at The Tevatron (pptx) Ken Hatakeyama

    Second Workshop on Beyond 3 Generation Standard Model --- New Fermions at the Crossroads of Tevatron and LHC
    National Taiwan Universty, Taipei, Taiwan
    14-16 January 2010

  • CDF Perspective (pdf) Giovanni Punzi
  • Search for b' -> tW and top partners at CDF (pdf) Daniel Whiteson

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