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On Dec. 1, 2015 Fermilab at Work has become the source for news about Fermilab. For information on how to find CDF articles on physics for the public and other information about CDF in the new way:

CDF articles appeared in Fermilab Today from Sept. 18, 2003 to Sept. 24, 2015. If you wish you can find all the articles in the format in which they were originally published. This page is called: 'CDF Result of the Week'

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 December 11, 2003
 Search for Leptoquarks with the CDF Detector

 November 20, 2003
 The Hunt for Single Top Continues at CDF

 November 6, 2003
 CDF reports new new measurement of pomeron production ratio

 October 23, 2003
 CDF, DZero publish combined electroweak results

 October 16, 2003
 Matter-Antimatter Mixing at CDF

 October 2, 2003
 CDF Observes Mystery Meson
 September 18, 2003
 DZero: Particle Pairs and Monojets     CDF: The Bulk and The Brane

CDF result editor Robin Erbacher