Code Generation and the CDFII Calibration Database

    Page maintained by Jack Cranshaw. Last updated 6/1/99

   For the calibration database the data stored is in a set format and the storage mode has a regular/repeated structure. A set of code generation tools are being developed by Paolo Calafiura at LBL, so that once the user has provided a list of valid channels and defined a data storage structure {int channel; float data1 .... float datan;}, then this will define the
table and a set of access routines will be generated. The consumer will communicate with an API and will not need to know any details of what database is being accessed or how the data is stored.

    The following image shows a schematic of how the codegen takes a data definition in Java classes and uses that to produce many outputs. The code generation program itself is written in Java. Plans are that the CodeGen program will become a product and part of the SoftRelTools build procedure. The diagram below shows the flow of the process. The entities in blue have a known working, although perhaps not final version. The solid green entities have someone who has at least done some work. A dashed line indicates that it is in the current plan, although not implemented.


A sample java class definition:

import emitter.Attrib;
 * Calorimeter PED Per Channel/Phototube constants
 * @author Jack Cranshaw
 * @version 1.0
 * First attempt Based on information from CDF152
public class CALPed extends Attrib implements Serializable
 *    Geometry     (bits 0-12)
 * bit  :    0 : pmt
 * bits :  1-5 : eta
 * bits : 6-10 : phi
 * bit  :   11 : we
 * bit  :   12 : em/had
  long  channel;      /* corresponds to calorimeter phototube */
  short noent;        /* number of entries used to calculate pedestal */
  float pedestal;     /* mean of gaussian fit */
  float sigma;        /* sigma of gaussian fit */
    The handling of channel id's across calibrations of the same detector is under study. The current working decision is that calibrations should be defined for detector elements and not for electronic subaddresses. For example, each QIE has 32 capacitors for each calorimeter channel, but all 32 capacitors are included in one struct defined in java. Each java definition should include the following in addition to the structure of the data. The comments are important and will be sent to the generated .html files. Insufficiently commented definitions will not be part of the official release.

    The codegen java code is kept in the offline CVS repository as the package AACodeGen. The official java calibration definitions are in the offline CVS repository in CalibDBTables/dictionary/Tables.

    For people developing calibrations, please send java calibration definitions to Mark Lancaster ( if it is an offline (post-run, FCC) calibration and to Jack Cranshaw( if it is an online (B0) calibration for inclusion in the official release.
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