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  • Accelerated c++ Class--taught by Walter Brown- -register for the sext session June 5 to 29, 2006
    Resource for students--note, some info maybe outdated
    Results of a survey from 22 students who took the course in July 2001
  • c++/Java Tutorial Book Free Download or available on cdfsga

    (1) There are a series of excellent tutorial c++ (2 vol.), Java, Enterprise Java (Sockets, RMI, JDBC, Javabeans, XML, etc), Patterns books that can be freely fully downloaded from the web and unzipped for your own use; --or even printed (though they are 700+ pages for some of the books) or use the links below (cdfsga) for the Advanced c++, Java, and Patterns books -- c++ vol. II -- Enterprise Java --advance topics -- Patterns --Note that the Beginner c++/vol.1 and Java are not available at cdfsga and must be downloaded, unzipped and viewed at your workstation.
    These are Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in c++ Vol. 1", vol. II, and "Thinking in Java", from his web site Critical reviews of the printed copies (see, for example, has been almost entirely very favorible. Source codes are also included.
    Given that such a good book is available for "free", I will no longer buy more c++ or Java tutorial books for the 165A library.

    (2) See also freetechbooks for a list of c++, Java, Perl, Python, OS, computing science books available for free download.

Course notes : Intermediate c++ course notes by Rob Kennedy, and Liz Sexton
Kunz beginner c++ course class notes (in cdfsga /cdf/www/computing/res as n= (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

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