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14 February 2002 


Current Documentation

  • Technical Mini-Review of Multi-Branch Event I/O and Transition Issues
  • CDF Multi-Branch Event I/O (presented at Offline Ops meeting, postscript), 05 September 2001
  • CDF Event Data Management using ROOT, a ROOT 2001 presentation by Rob Kennedy
  • Minutes of EDM - ROOT V3 technical discussion 2, released: 07 May 2001
  • Status Update on Outstanding EDM Issues, released: 11 December 2000
  • Notes on the Recent Revision of EDM Handles and Links, released: 12 October 2000; revised 13 October 2000
  • Frequently Asked Questions (a work in progress), begun: 29 August 2000, not-so-frequently updated, but open to contributions
  • The CDF Run II Event Data Model, a CHEP 2000 presentation by Rob Kennedy
  • Some terse examples of development/debugging with CDF Offline and EDM.

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    Project Administration

    The CDF Event Data Model Working Group has gone into hibernation (August 2001). EDM development discussion currently takes place by e-mail to CDF Offline code librarians , with some folks added in by request.

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    Documentation Archive

    CDF Run II Event Data Model Documentation

    Surveys of Offline Software and the CDF Event Data Model based on YBOS/Trybos

    Minutes and Slides - CDF Run II Event Data Model Working Group

    Status Reports and Other Presentations Outside of Working Group

    Selected Design Notes, Instructions, and Commentary

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    Related Projects

    Related Projects at CDF

    Event Data Models at Other Experiments

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