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22 July 1998



Trybos is an Object-Oriented C++ package to read, write, and manipulate data in CDF YBOS format. While it is currently intended for use by C++ programs, it will eventually provide a substantial YBOS API emulation for FORTRAN-77 program use. Trybos is coded entirely in Standard C++ and uses no pre-existing CDF offline software. Files written by Trybos are indistinguishable from files written by the current CDF YBOS software package. Both Run 1A 'VMS byte-order' and Run 1B data 'Unix byte-order' data can be read, and 'Unix byte- order' data format can be written. Trybos has been verified to operate on at least the following Unix systems with GNU C++ compiler 2.7.2: SGI IRIX5 and IRIX6, Linux/Intel, DEC Unix; with the KAI C++ v3.2b compiler: SGI IRIX5 IRIX6, Linux/Intel; and with the MipsPro 7.1 and 7.2 C++ Compiler: SGI IRIX6.

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All versions of Trybos are now maintained and released exclusively under the cdfsoft2 (CVS / SoftRelTools) software management system. Trybos has undergone significant changes over the last few months as it is prepared to become a solid foundation package for Run II software development. It has been adapted to emerging software style, management, and language standards. New users are encouraged to use version 3.4 or later if possible to avoid the many class name and interface changes that occurred before this version.

The following versions of Trybos are currently available. Changes occurring within a minor version number chain, but before before a particular patch, are listed with "..." as the patch number.

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The following are some of the short-term goals for Trybos and Banks development:

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