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             Production Integration: Information relevant to users of the production executable
             and developers of production modules, including code guidelines, utility packages,
             validation procedures, etc
. Contact: Rick Snider
            Code Browser: 
This product lets you look at the code, highlights all the routines called
             by the code and lets you click on them. It tells you where the routine lives and gives
             a complete list of all the places in the offline where the routine is referenced.

            Beta Version of Code Browser
Contacts: C. Green


             Data Handling: Data handling for CDF Run II will be sequential files based on
             the ROOT   file format.  Contact:   Stephan Lammel

             Farms: A Linux based PC farm will be used for prodcution processing .
             Contact: Yen-Chu Chen

             Data-File Catalog: This is a project for keeping track of which files have been
             processed, and where they are. Contact: Eric Wicklund

             Serial Media Working Group:  Work of the committee to choose Run II
             tape technology. Contact: Dan Amidei
              Data Handling Criteria: CDF Physics groups, CDF Note 4568
             Contact: David Saltzberg

             CDF Run II Detector Simulation: GEANT3 work that is going on in CDF. It
              includes instructions on  running Geant with Analysis_control. 
              Contact:   Manfred Paulini or   Marjorie Shapiro
              Tracking   Links to internal documents used by the CDF Run II Tracking
              Software Group.  Contact:Rick Snider, David Gerdes
              Intermediate Muon Tracking This is a fully-detailed GEANT simulation of
              the IMU detector system and responses. Contact:   James  Bellinger
              Calorimeter Reconstruction Simulation and reconstruction of CDF calorimeter
              systems. Contact: Pierre Savard
              Central Muon Reconstruction Reconstruction of CDF Central Muons
              systems. Contact: Ken Bloom and Michael Schmitt

              Event Display  How to get started, detailed help, talks, and general info on the
              ROOT based event display. Contact: Dmitri Litvintsev

             Event Data Model:  Information from the Event Data Model working group
             Contact:   Rob Kennedy
              Trybos Package This package allows users to read and write YBOS data banks
              from a C++ program. Replaces the FORTRAN YBOS package with the same
              functionality but is easier to maintain. Contact:   Rob Kennedy

              AC++ Application Framework C++ replacement for Analysis_Control, joint
              with BaBar.   Contact:   Liz Sexton-Kennedy
              Calibration Database Prototype and implementation of calibration database in
              ORACLE.   Contact: Jack Cranshaw

              Support Databases Information on Support Databases
              Contact: Mark Lancaster

              Run 1 C++ Environment   This package allows users to do C++ analysis within
              the existing framework of  Analysis_control etc.  Users can  write A_C modules
              in C++, which can be called along with FORTRAN modules from a single A_C
              executable. Contact:   Pasha Murat

             Code management and dist Home page of the CDF code management team
             Contact:   cdf_code_management@fnal


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For more information contact Dan Amidei or Robert Harris