Electronics Infrastructure

Electronics Infrastructure Installation

Cable Installation

Information on Cable Installation:

Cable Review

Information on Cable Review Committee

Cable review guideline, check list, and review schedule

Grounding and Shielding

Home page for Grounding and Shielding Working Group
Address Grounding and Shielding issues for Detector and Electronics

PCB Review

Information on Printed Circuit Board Rules and Reviews

PCB review guide, board design rules, PCB check list, minutes from PCB reviews, info on board stiffners, VME slave interface

CDF Clock

Information on CDF Clock for Run 2

CDF crate

Information related to CDF VIPA Crate

Crate specification, VIPA connector, front panel, backplane, crate power supply, and Crate load card

Crate Controller and Interface

Information on Crate CPU and TRACER

Crate CPU, TRACER, 6U to 9U adapter, Reset crate

VME Test stand

Information on CDF 10U VME test stand

TestClk, example softwares

Power Supplies

Information on CDF Power Supply specifications, testing, allocation, and installation

CMD -- CDF Module Database (EquipDB)

Information on CDF Module Database (EquipDB) for Run 2, keeping track (position, history, modifications, etc.) of all electronics modules (DAQ, Trigger, ....)

Other Global reference

VME International Physics Association (VIPA)

VME International Trade Association (VITA)

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