SVXII  Regular Meeting Calendar:
MONDAY 10:00 DAQ at FCC2 (on weeks)
WEDNESDAY 9:00 Inner Mechanical at LabA (weekly)
11:00 Outer Mechanical at LabA (weekly)
20:00 DOIM at B02 (weekly)
THURSDAY 9:00-11:00 Silicon Commissioning Meeting  at Black Hole (on weeks) 16:00 Sensors at B02 (scheduled as needed)

Next 2-day Workshop Meeting:  early Feb 99 (date to be set)

The following email lists are currently used:

cdf_runii_silicon (overall silicon project mailing list)
CDF_SVXII (general SVXII group)
CDF_SVXII_HDI (dunno who's using this one)
CDF_SVXII_ISL_TESTING (Thursday testing meeting)
CDF_SVXII_MECHANICAL (Wednesday mechanical meetings)
cdf_silicon_monitor  (off-week Thursday monitoring meeting)
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