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А глаза такие добрые-добрые ...
1974 - ...    

Taken from Cambridge Police Archive ...  (Current
photo is courtesy of Dolgoprudnenskoe UVD, 1992)
onstantin Anikeev was born in Protvino, RUSSIA on Sep 17, 1974. From 2 to 6 he had attended Protvino's Kindergarten N7 "Vishenka". Soon after finishing it he entered Protvino's School N3. Studying there was not very difficult to him and he finished it succesfully in 1991. During the last 3 years of that school he had studied at the Correspondence School supported by Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology. So, there was nothing surprising in the fact that he entered this Institute. In the 4th year of study he began research work at the Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino.
Having completed his M.S. thesis at MIPT K.A. entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology and joined Russian Mafia (Boston Area branch) ...
Latest investigation has shown that K.A. was appointed to one of the leading positions at Chicago branch of Russian Mafia, but so far he has been succesfully pretending to be just a graduate student at Fermilab.
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