Cost is about $9-10 for short sleeve shirt and $15-16 for long sleeve.
Ash, white, light steel, or natural in sizes S,M,L,X,2X.
  (The ash is light gray. Natural is a creme colored off white.
    Light steel is probably a darker version of the ash or perhaps a.
    bluish version of the ash. I have not seen a shirt of this color.
    Note that both ash and light steel have some striations in the coloring.)
When ordering, please order as sleeve/color/size. If you want a short sleeve, white
shirt in large, your want a ss/white/L shirt.
If you want an extra large, ash, long sleeve shirts, order ls/ash/XL.
These are all cotton Hanes BeefyT shirts. If you are unsure of size,
look at one of last year's shirts that has been washed and dryed a
few times. They do shrink. JJ has some shirts in his office.

Please order by Friday, May 17! Email to
Front is small logo over left breast.

Back side

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