Instructions for running Rivet at CDF

Rivet (with its necessary dependancies) and genser (which contains the Monte Carlo generator libraries) have been installed on fcdflnx1 in /cdf/home/nurse/local/ and /cdf/scratch/nurse/cedar_user/genser/liblinks/ respectively.
In order to write your own Rivet routine follow the instructions here, using the above paths in the relevant places.

If you like, you can check that Rivet is working for you before writing your analysis by running one of the other analyses, for example you can run the CDF Run I underlying event analysis, Phys.Rev.D65:092002,2002 with the following (for bash shell adjust the commands accordingly):

$ setup cdfsoft2 6.1.4
$ setenv PATH /cdf/home/nurse/local/bin:$PATH
$ setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /cdf/home/nurse/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
$ setenv AGILE_GEN_PATH /cdf/scratch/nurse/rivet_install_files/genser
$ rivetgun -g Pythia6:416 -a CDF_2001_S4751469 --beam1 PROTON --beam2 ANTIPROTON --mom1 900. --mom2 900. -P /cdf/home/nurse/local/share/RivetGun/fpythia-default.params -n 1000

The output will be stored in AIDA format in Rivet.aida
For more run options try rivetgun --help

For general information on Rivet see here.
If you have any problems running on fcdflnx1 please contact Emily Nurse at my fnal e-mail address (userid=nurse).