Exotic Group Monte Carlo

Running Monte Carlo Faster Than Schumacher ™

I am the CDF exotics group Monte Carlo (MC) coordinator, responsible for running and distributing MC samples to this diverse physics group. Our official generator is Pythia and our detector simulator (cdfsim) is based on Geant. Most of this information is CDF-internal. Some MC samples I generated lately:

  • diphoton for GMSB-scenario SUSY analyses.
  • low-mass (M<20 GeV) Drell-Yan (electron and muon) for SUSY trilepton analyses.
  • QCD multijet (both inclusive and with b-tagged jets) for top and Higgs analyses.
  • Heavy flavor (b-bbar, c-cbar) for SUSY trilepton analyses.
  • (Z → νν)+γ for long-lived neutralino and extra-dimensions analyses.
  • mSUGRA points for chargino-neutralino analyses.
  • (Z → bb)+γ for technicolor analyses.
  • squark-gluino production for SUSY multi-jet analyses.
  • RS-graviton decaying to two electrons or two muons or two photons for RS-graviton analyses.
  • Techni-pion produced in association with W and Z boson and a charm quark for technicolor analyses.
  • High-mass W-boson background for the W' analysis.
  • High-mass Z-boson background for the RS graviton, Z', and RSVP sneutrino analyses.
  • H → ZZ for Higgs analyses.
Recently I improved the CDF Pythia version, making it able of running the latest ISASUGRA version (7.79) and also accepting Les Houches files for the description of the masses and branching ratios of the SUSY particles. As a result, generic MSSM can also be generated and studied.