Offline Muon Reconstruction

My Run-II upgrade software responsiblitiy was the muon offline reconstruction. I worked on the reconstruction of muon stubs starting from the widths and start-times of TDC signals from each wire hit. I wrote C++ code that
  • defines and fills the data banks with the initial TDC information
  • analyses this initial information to produce drift distances and z-positions of the hits
  • solves the left-right ambiguity of the muon trajectory
  • reconstructs the muon stubs
  • fills the information the muon-stub information in the final data banks
These stubs are eventually matched to COT tracks to reconstruct muons. Reconstruction of high-quality muons is impossible without these muon stubs. I tested the code with cosmic muons and random hits and used if for the determination of the calibration constants of the muon detectors.